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Share your personal story, write a book and change the world

Stories are the glue that holds humanity together. There is the story of you, them and us. Our identity is wrapped up in story and these are the stories we use to show up in the world.

Stories help you to connect to your creative force, divine inner wisdom and the stories we tell shape the future and evolve.

Life is a movement, it flows from moment to moment keeping us connected to the rhythms of the Universe. Open yourself to the wonder of who you are and how you can shape the world when you share your message.

Share your story

Write a book

Find the right idea and story to share, write a book, know why and how you will share it.

Story to self

Sounding Board

Someone who will listen and help you make sense of your ideas, the messy stuff and your book.


Soul Writing

Join the 100 days of being me project. Find you in your stories and share your EVE-olution.

Are you ready?

Do you have a story to share? Are you stuck in somewhere in the middle of your book and thinking 'I'll never finish this!'? Have you written a first draft and need another pair of eyes? Do you want a sounding board for your ideas and to find the right idea?

Get ready to find yourself and write your book

Come with me on an adventure and let's get that idea and story out of your heart and get it written.

Dale Darley

'Dale acted as a catalyst that kept me going when it got tough! Writing a book is a personal journey of breaking through a number of limiting beliefs that can give a new author many difficult days and nights of self- doubt. Dale provided constant cheer leader support, encouragement and structure. I would highly recommend her to any new budding authors.' Andro Donovan - Motivate Yourself

It's ok, I get it and your story.

Creating strong foundations for your story will boost how you feel about taking it forward. 

When we collaborate on your book, we ensure that it is planned so that your writing flows. Everything we do is based on how you work best. I am here to support your journey.

It's your story that will change how you see life, how people see you and how you can be the change you desire to see in the world.

Come on in and let's talk.


Let's work together on your book

'The entire process of producing a high quality book and brand has been made a lot more straight-forward with Dale's help and extensive contacts. Our regular Skype consultations were extremely valuable, informative and always left me feeling motivated and raring to go with my project. Writing a book is a massive challenge, but Dale sets a clear path and provides high quality, personal support, every step of the way. If you want someone professional yet approachable to help you with any aspect of writing or producing your book, I would highly recommend Dale and will definitely use her services again in the future.' Eva George - Size HH

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Are you ready to share your story and lead an EVE-olution