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Rude Awakenings

Life is full of curved balls, twists and turns and odd unexpected adventures. When Dale opens her husband's computer one evening, she certainly received a shock. Among other things was a picture of his penis in a Facebook conversation with another woman.

If that wasn't enough, she soon finds out that their entire relationship had been based on lies. He has lived, she discovers, a somewhat promiscuous double life.

Setting off for Spain six weeks later, she thought that she would soon sort things out and 'normal' life could commence.

Everything went wrong for Dale, or so it seemed. What followed was several technology mishaps, a series of accidents, a simple cough that left her in lots of pain and the discovery of an overactive thyroid.

One thing after another dragged her further into a pit of self-loathing, anger and frustration. Step by step she sorted out the thyroid, worked on the pain and most importantly found a way to love herself.

It wasn't easy, but, it was worth it. Dale discovered that self-love is the foundation of unconditional love and respect. Self-love means that you have the tools to make wise conscious decisions in all areas of your life.

Read Dales story of leaving one mess, becoming more conscious, listening to the whispers of her soul, and learning to love herself.

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Available on June 1st


Osteoporosis and Me

If it wasn't bad enough having endured several years of pain Dale found herself in the overwhelming world of osteoporosis.

One moment she was happy and laughing and the next experiencing searing pain. Two weeks later she discovered that she had compression fractures and osteoporosis in her thoracic spine.

Spending 16 days in bed without her 3 dogs sent her mind in all kinds of unhelpful directions, until she leaned into her journal.

Learning to ask for help and surrendering was tough at first as she battled to remain a 'strong' woman. It soon became clear that accepting help and acknowledging that she wasn't superwomen was part of her healing process.

She decided despite her specialists dire warnings to follow a natural approach. She did not want drugs, she wanted six months to prove she could improve her status.

Setting out to find out the root cause and to turn this dis-ease around became her primary focus. 

Follow her journey from discovery to her six month check up. Find out for yourself some of the things that will help you in your journey.

Read Dales story getting to the bones of who she is and what she learned about herself and osteoporosis.

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Available on December 6th 2018

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